I've spent the past month working pretty hard on my "why". You know, the answer that explains the reason why you do what you do. On one hand, I'm truly fortunate that I've pretty much known what I've wanted to do my whole life. I've always wanted to create and make things. Over the years it's become increasingly clear that I like to make "cute" things and write and draw gifts to make others smile. For a long time I fought that urge, thinking I needed to take myself more seriously while I discovered my style. All the thoughts and paths we take when we're looking for the right fit. It's always been a little funny to me that even though I knew what I want to do in a broad sense, I never had the full focus of why exactly.

The past year of being a full time freelancer I've read many blog posts and books, talked to friends and had days where the only thing it seemed like I accomplished was wondering. I managed to get through by always reminding myself that it's all a process. The words we hate to hear but know are true. "Enjoy the journey" ughhh, but ok, ok.

Recently I took the Why Discovery Course from Simon Sinek and it changed everything. What has always been circling is now something I can verbalize and write. Why do I do what I do? What exactly do I do? I help people connect with what's important so they can live a life with more joy. I do this through illustrations, ux design & hosting events through CreativeMornings. 

I love to see people smile and share happiness, I love to see people connect with others and their own memories–I love to help make someone's day better or easier– I do all these things through what I create. In return, using my talent to help others makes me happier than ever. In my new about page I explain that after hearing all the things I do, it would be easy to say that I've been busy, but that would be inaccurate–to say that I've been happy, excited and constantly fueled would be better.

It's easy to go through your days, doing what you do & being fine with that, but if you ever wonder the deeper reason behind WHY you do what you do, I recommend doing the work to figuring it out. Know that it's a process. Know that it's ok if you change your mind. Know that once you find your why, you will also find wild fulfillment. 

Here are a few sources of inspiration I stuck to this last year. I hope they help you!

• Simon Sinek's Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

• Working Without Pants Podcast

• Danielle LaPort: Fire Starter Sessions

• Tina Roth Eisenberg's 99u Talk: 5 Rules For Making an Impact