LET'S UPDATE: The (long) story so far

Holy moly y'all. I totally did that thing in 2015 when you start a blog, thinking you're going to keep up with it & after 4 months & 4 posts... I disappeared. I'm guessing this didn't crush your world as I'm pretty sure only about 3 people read them anyways, but I apologize. Let's update:

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I've spent the past month working pretty hard on my "why". You know, the answer that explains the reason why you do what you do. On one hand, I'm truly fortunate that I've pretty much known what I've wanted to do my whole life. I've always wanted to create and make things. Over the years it's become increasingly clear that I like to make "cute" things and write and draw gifts to make others smile. For a long time I fought that urge, thinking I needed to take myself more seriously while I discovered my style. All the thoughts and paths we take when we're looking for the right fit. It's always been a little funny to me that even though I knew what I want to do in a broad sense, I never had the full focus of why exactly.

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I've been a little MIA the past few weeks with pleasant trips out of town and not-so pleasant ice storms. Regardless, I've always found time to draw. While I'm getting life back on track here's a few sketches I had fun with last week when I realized the Girl Scouts were out on the town & sometimes you just need to give yourself a break because no matter what - you're still trying.

Cheers to a good day!


It takes a lot of time to create something you're proud of. It takes tons of practice to create something you don't hate the next day. Like others, I've struggled for years at creating work I'm truly excited about.  I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon and I've always had the feeling inside of me that I need to create. Yet it hasn't been until recently that it doesn't feel like I'm struggling to find the purpose in my work anymore.

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For some reason it feels like Thursdays are great days for Dreams. Even though I no longer have a full time job, with a routine of going to the same office every day to wait on Friday so I can feel free to do what I want for 2 days, there's still such a great feeling knowing Friday is ahead. Thursdays are the days for dreaming what comes next. 

I wrote this poem years before I ever had the readiness to put it out into the world. Writing is one thing, illustrating is another. I've learned now that I agree with the phrase "start before you're ready." You already have your dream, I'm sure you have ideas - don't try to fool your heart, go out & see what can happen, any day of the week.