M.I.D. Goods: "More Intentionally Designed Goods"

Since 2008 I have ran a small print & design studio with my husband, Drew. We create silkscreened prints & goods inspired by where we’re from & where we’re going. We're purposefully challenging ourselves & creativity for more intentionally designed goods and it's one of my favorite journeys.


Native Botanical Series

This series began as a complete accident and exercise from boredom while freelancing. I always wanted to take myself more seriously as an illustrator, but as a designer stuck in the tech world for many years, I had lost my discipline to practice with new materials and explore the process of drawing. I drew my very first state, TN, during a summer when violets and irises were blooming and they made me miss my grandma who always had them around her house. What I wasn't expecting, was the connection others had with my drawing of TN and other states as I explored the series more. Better yet, my biggest surprise was completing  all 50 states. With my designs and my husband printing, we set ourselves up to tackle a project larger than we knew. 


Botanical Colonies of the united states

One of our more notable pieces, this beautiful map was created during a winter where all I wanted was more green life. What began as planning a spring garden, turned into lots of research on plant life across all hardiness zones, including indoor and outdoor species. The result from hours of research and countless hours of drawing is one of my all time favorite pieces I've ever created. The kind you step back and think, wow, I made this?


great life decisions club

Over the years Drew and I have stuck with a few catch phrases that pop up just about every day in our lives. One of those, is Great Life Decisions. Basically anything in life is a Great Life Decision depending on how you look at it and choose to celebrate it. Most Great Life Decisions are even small and often overlooked, and those are the ones we enjoy celebrating the most. We're still new in sharing this idea with others and we're excited to see where it takes us as a collective.


to be released

The works in progress of M.I.D. Goods are vast– from books to bandanas and beyond. Our work has always been representative of where we are in our lives. Our focus and our attention has always inspired what we create. In our 20's that was mostly the music we listened to, the bands we looked up to, and small businesses we've been proud to collaborate with. The past few years our work took a shift to focus on what we wanted to create and I believe we're still in the process of figuring that out. With the Native Botanical Collection complete, there's a freedom in the air to better align our focus again. Really dive into where our heart is calling: sustainability, more green life, not just in plants we enjoy looking at and drawing, but eating as well, climate change and the environment, animal rights, vulnerability and caring for others, intention setting, meditation, building, and exploring. I've never been more excited for a journey that I'm not quite sure where it's taking me.