Alicia W. Binkley is a creative lady living & dreaming in Nashville,TN. She takes pride in using her creativity to bring people more joy.



Alicia W. Binkley was born in the Smoky Mountains and moved to Nashville, TN in 2005. She is most known for co-running M.I.D. Goods, hosting CreativeMornings Nashville, and adding her fingerprint to various projects in tech and design.

She has worked with Sun Studios, Paramount Pictures, Dropbox, Dolly Parton and more. Alicia's work has been featured in CountryLiving, The Jungalow, and Martha Stewart's American Made to name a few.

In 2016 Alicia took on the motto "Live Simply & Believe in Magic" while she slowed down her schedule of client work. She was named Best Morning Motivator in Nashville and looks forward to sharing more creative resources in 2017.

Portfolio is currently under construction but you can view past work here.