Hello! (from me & Wren)


I’m a creative explorer believing in good people and great hearts, also known as an illustrator and graphic designer in Nashville, TN. Over the years my work has spread across print, web, and tech, with illustration and print being my first and leading true loves. I often work and collaborate with my husband, Drew, on various print and design projects at M.I.D. Goods and if you’re in the Nashville area you might recognize me from co-founding and hosting CreativeMornings Nashville.

I enjoy the mystery of living on a planet floating in space and I love bringing the peacefulness of nature and the spirit of animals into my work.

A few of my clients include Sun Studios, Paramount Pictures, Dropbox, Dolly Parton, Ray LaMontagne, Sean Watkins, Studio Calico, Her Magazine, and Nashville Scene Magazine. My work has been featured in CountryLiving Magazine, Country Gardens Magazine, Martha Stewart, The Jungalow, along with a handful of tech papers and design books.

Loves: plants, manatees, hammocks, kayaking, chickpeas, spinach, communicating by gifs, my dog/sidekick

Mediums: digital, watercolor, gouache, silkscreen



In pursuit of better productivity & not wanting to engage with screens every second I periodically have notifications turned off when I’m working. My reply may be delayed, but I’m excited to hear from you! Thank you so much for your patience & understanding, I hope you enjoy your creative-time & down-time today as well!

Snail mail
I LOVE a good mail day & I enjoy sending people surprises in return. Send snail mail (minus the snails) to my office, 2100 Dunn Ave, Nashville TN 37211



Slack Studio
Nashville, TN - Nov 2017

Creative Works
Memphis, TN - Oct 2017

Art Camp
Nashville, TN - Oct 2016

Nashville, TN - Oct 2014