Folktale Week

Everyday for one week illustrators from around the world participate in folktale week where we’re given a daily prompt to interpret how we wish. I took the daily prompts and turned them into a short story and experimented with drawing in only black and white which I usually only do for sketching drafts and was very pleased with the exercise.

“Walking through the forest on a cool November day,
A cloud of smoke appeared in a most magical way.
The clouds they parted and then I started to see a sight so scary,
A flickering light shined so bright and made me a little wary.
I turned around to see a moth flying high above,
Soon there were many all around and my fear– it turned to love.

So next time you find yourself wandering around and come across something new– Remember it’s only a little scary until you see the truth– Magic is Everywhere.”
–AWB, 2018