My Current Vision Board

FEELINGS, INSPIRATION, & ALL AROUND JOYFUL REMINDERS. My internal calendar years start & end in September, around my birthday– September 22, the best day of the year– also the first day of fall. This has been my year of Grace and boy has it ever. Recently (April 2017), I've started paying better attention to the moments that make me feel all the corners of my heart to the fullest. I'll be adding to this section periodically & I'm excited to see where this grows! (I'm limiting myself to images from my personal life & artwork & the occasional gif b/c, yes of course)


A handful of my favorite things around the internet:

Sharing what keeps me inspired, hoping these work for you too!

Learn more about you:

The best investment you can make is always in yourself. 


16 Personalities Test (My Favorite & Free!)

I bounce between an INFJ (advocate) & ENFJ (protagonist) depending on my surroundings.


The Road Back to You Enneagram Test (Free!)

I've taken a handful of tests & I'm always a 2, The Helper, 110%

You can google a lot of info about Enneagrams, here's another great site, but if you find a good resource you love, please share!

+ Have you heard of Tapping for Enneagrams? It's a form of acupressure.

Playlist time, put on your headphones or open up a window:

My Work Vibes

Evolving playlist of how I want my work to feel.

Morning Groove

Playlist ready for a day without computer screens.