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Sharing what keeps me inspired, hoping these work for you too!

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The best investment you can make is always in yourself. 


16 Personalities Test (My Favorite & Free!)

I bounce between an INFJ (advocate) & ENFJ (protagonist) depending on my surroundings.


The Road Back to You Enneagram Test (Free!)

I've taken a handful of tests & I'm always a 2, The Helper, 110%

You can google a lot of info about Enneagrams, here's another great site, but if you find a good resource you love, please share!

+ Have you heard of Tapping for Enneagrams? It's a form of acupressure.

A little review:

Trying something new. 


I decided to round up some of my favorite performances, talks, conversations, & creations of 2016. Although every year is a good year to get creative, it has felt as though 2016 has been a year where creativity has really been needed to counter balance what's going on out there.