CreativeMornings Nashville

In 2014 I co-founded CreativeMornings Nashville and became the Host of Nashville's largest monthly creative gathering. Every month, CMNSH provides a welcoming venue, breakfast, coffee, & inspirational talk from the best creative minds in our city. Thanks to the support of volunteers and sponsors, every event is free and open to everyone to grow, inspire, and unite Nashville’s creative community. In 2018, after 4 years, I decided to retire as Host and move into my new role as Creative Godmother of CMNSH where I hope to explore new ways to help sprinkle more creative love throughout our city.  



Favorite Extracurricular Moments

Summit 2014

In October 2014 all CreativeMornings chapters from around the world gathered in NYC for the very first Summit.  We came together to share the ups and downs of running our chapters and to grow stronger for our local communities. 10 hosts were documented to learn about what drives someone to be a volunteer host. This remains one of the best examples of what it's like inside the CM family. All heart.

Filmed by: Bas Berkhout

The Wheel of Chance

In November 2014 CMNSH invited Brad Montague to the stage to speak about Chance. Leading up to his talk CMNSH took to the streets with The Wheel of Chance to encourage everyone, big and small, to take a chance on life.  This video is a small snap of what happened one afternoon. You can watch Brad's full CMNSH talk here.

Filmed By: Josh Curd
Jugglers: Playing By Air
Concept: Alicia W. Binkley

Are You Where You Want To Be?

In June 2015 CMNSH invited Jake Jorgovan to the stage to speak about Personal Revolutions. Before and after his talk, attendees were invited share where they are in their own personal revolutions by answering the question, "Are you where you want to be?" You can watch Jake's full CMNSH talk here.

Filmed By: Josh Curd Josh Gilligan
Interviewer: Valerie Hammond
Concept: Alicia W. Binkley, Ben Stewart, Angela Wiggins


Thank you, E V E R Y O N E  for helping make CreativeMornings Nashville a reality. Stepping down as host hasn't felt as sad as I imagined (despite the tears on stage) since I know this creative community isn't going anywhere. 

Over the last 4 years, I may have been at the wheel of the ship guiding the way, but the success of CMNSH is 100% thanks to every single person for doing their part. My team, volunteers, our incredible speakers, enthusiastic partners, and attendees–Thank you for showing up.

Without all parts working together CMNSH might have just been a handful of weirdo humans talking about creativity and feelings, which let's face it, we gladly do every single day. Though somehow, through the remarkable force of the CMNSH universe connecting us we've become a thriving community who believe in this magical world we are so lucky to live and create in. It's been an honor to see CreativeMornings Nashville grow from this little spark to what it is today and I'm excited to become another voice in this inspired community who's dreaming bigger.

Thank you for believing in me and entrusting me as the host of your monthly inspiration. I will never forget what we've built together.

[written Feb 23rd 2018]