I enjoy the mystery of living on a planet floating in space. I love the peacefulness of nature & the genuine spirit of animals. You can find me with my husband, dog, & friends, on the water, in a book, creating, printing, living.



Alicia W. Binkley was born in the Smoky Mountains and moved to Nashville, TN in 2005. She is most known for co-running M.I.D. Goods, co-founding & hosting CreativeMornings Nashville, and adding her fingerprint to various projects in tech and design.

She has worked with Sun StudiosParamount PicturesDropboxDolly Parton and more. Alicia's work has been featured in CountryLivingThe Jungalow, Martha Stewart, and various tech papers to name a few. She was named Best Morning Motivator in Nashville and looks forward to sharing more inspiration on how to Live Simply & Believe in Magic.




Let’s be honest, I can be slow with email. As Eckhart Tolle talks about being slow with deadlines because he’s always busy living in the Now - that’s kind of how I am with email. Don’t let this discourage you in reaching out, just know that my intention is to be enthusiastic about what's in front of me & I try to not let notifications distract from that.

Snail mail

I LOVE a good mail day & I enjoy sending people surprises in return. Send snail mail (minus the snails) to my office, 2100 Dunn Ave, Nashville TN 37211


I have notifications turned off, but I do check instagram regularly for personal & m.i.d.goods.



Slack Studio

Nashville, TN - Nov 2017

Creative Works

Memphis, TN - Oct 2017

Art Camp

Nashville, TN - Oct 2016


Nashville, TN - Oct 2014


Photos throughout this website are a combination of my personal work, sourced images, and collage. All sourced imagery can be found here. All other imagery is my own.