Alicia W. Binkley

Alicia W. Binkley is a designer & illustrator living & dreaming in Nashville, TN. Born a mountain child, she blames her roots on her love/hate relationship with internet and technology.

Alicia is the co-owner of M.I.D. Goods & host of CreativeMornings Nashville. She also adds her fingerprint to various projects in tech & design, but doesn't like to talk much about it (mainly b/c there's too much paperwork involved.)

She has worked with Dolly Parton, Paramount PicturesDropboxSun Studios and more. Alicia's work has been featured in CountryLivingThe Jungalow, and Martha Stewart's American Made to name a few.

In 2016 Alicia took on the motto "Live Simply & Believe in Magic" while she slowed down her schedule of client work. She was named Best Morning Motivator in Nashville and continues to work hard toward her goal of creatively helping those around her bring their true selves to the table and celebrate with others.



While not grammatically correct, #simplymagiclife still sends the message that Living Simply & Believing in Magic is just a great way to try to go through life. Over the years I've discovered what many people have already eloquently lost breath proclaiming to be very true:

  1. Figuring out what to give a damn about and what not to give a damn about is one of the best parts about growing up.
  2. Practicing gratitude makes you a happier person and literally feels like magic.
  3. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of other people.
  4. Finding purpose and having faith are not easy, but worth every struggle.
  5. Dogs are great, get one.

It only took five solid years in the tech world to know that as much as my organized and detail oriented brain (and my cash filled bank account) loved the action of the work, my heart and sense of accomplishment never truly found purpose in creating apps to be the next Facebook. Like many before me and I'm sure many many many after me, I went searching for a life of greater purpose. While this didn't include traveling the world and living the idealized lives we see all over instagram, it did include staying in Nashville as a contract designer, learning how to live off little money (which has made me such a better person, without a doubt), finally marrying my best friend, taking my dog on more walks, rumbling over my why, crying over my taxes,  learning the importance of meditation, finally using audible, making countless mistakes, learning the world still turns, questioning everything, eating lots of pizza, learning about my saturn return, hating the world of home ownership, loving the world of home ownership, and realizing I have everything I need.

It's been said that clichés are clichés for a reason, and the one I always come back to is "life is a journey, not a destination." Cue the monkey see no evil emoji, it's so true. I don't have all the answers to Living Simply & Believing in Magic, but I have learned a few things on my journey and I'm happy to share what I know. I hope it helps.