This year I've been growing more & more tired of getting information thrown at me before I have a chance to decide if I even want to know about it. Twitter, Instagram, the occasional Facebook & any other social or news site– Checking them has become habit from brief boredom rather than actually being ready to sit down and consume or share.

A friend suggested that perhaps the problem isn't the internet, but rather the way I use it– Noted. So while I work on the exact solution for this "problem," I've gathered a small handful of my favorite performances, talks, conversations, & creations of 2016 to help reference the good things I enjoy from being online. These are videos I've watched numerous times because of how enjoyable they've been in my days this year. Hope they leave you with a smile on your face too!


END 2015

I knew very very little about Chance The Rapper until this year & after listening to his record & having "Angels" become my favorite track, I really enjoy watching this live performance on Colbert because the energy is incredible. It's such a great motivator to see someone doing what they love with such enthusiasm. Not only standing up for good causes, he also does not charge for any of his music! Seriously, gotta learn more about him.

+ The Slang Show explains Woo Wap Da Bam


JAN 2016

I love catching James Corden videos online & this one w/ Adele is a hoot. Not only is the singing enjoyable but their conversations are just delightful. I wish this is what my work commute was like in Nashville.


FEB 2016

I heard of Casey Gerald from CreativeMornings last year when he gave his talk, "Purpose is the new bottom line." I was fortunate to see Casey speak this year (no video available) and he brought me to tears. I really enjoy this Ted Talk where he speaks about belief & doubt, & I love that his talks don't so much yell & point at the listener as much as they leave us with weighted soul searching questions. 


FEB 2016

I've been a fan of Sia since "Chandelier" blew everyone away in 2014. Not typically a pop music fan, I make an exception for Sia. This song is likely my favorite & A.V. Club called it the "best female empowerment sing-along Katy Perry never wrote." 2 thumbs up for that.

+ I love her mystery & how her music & artistry is more important than what she looks like. Great insight to that here.


JUNE 2016

Let's face it - I love Oprah & Brene Brown & this video is just comforting to listen to when you have 20 minutes to spare. 

"The world is reflecting you back to you."



JULY 2016

Maggie's song took this year by storm via this video - not only is it a solid track, but seeing how this interaction happened between her & Pharrell when he visited her school is terrific. It's great to listen & watch & it's also inspiring to see someone at the cusp of the next phase in their craft.

+ Here's a look at her explaining how that day felt & what the lyrics are.


AUG 2016

I know very little about Matisyahu, but I became a fan of this song via this video that lit up the internet after Matisyahu happened upon this guy singing his song in a coffee shop. The singer didn't know it was him until after it's over & it's just a nice genuine moment. Also, really great that Matisyahu later got him up on stage to sing One Day. Love it when people use their power and platform to share with others.


NOV 2016

A different video than all the rest but one of my FAVORITE things all year. As a creative & illustrator & someone who constantly plays with book ideas, it's incredible to see what Joey Ellis & crew have created with Leaky Timbers. From illustrations & stories, to this amazing video with puppets!! Please Please someone make this a real show next year!


NOV 2016

By December of this year I finally came around to checking out Hamilton via spotify & youtube... and I'm hooked. First, when I saw this video of Lin Manuel Miranda performing the first song back in 2009 at the White House. He's incredible & inspiring & if I've said it once I'll say a million times, I love watching people do things they have so much passion for. When there's no other choice for them, this is their outlet & their craft & they kill it. This interview with PBS is also great, along w/ the full documentary that recently aired.


At the end of this year (& this list), I noticed just how important video & documentation is & how little I take advantage of having a camera in my pocket. I'm hoping this realization impacts my favorite shareable list for 2017! Below are a few videos I did manage to create this year, Enjoy!


NOV 2016

You know those nights when you leave your house at 8pm and think, "Wow! Who am I?! 8pm, not in my pj's AND I'm going to an art show!" We had one of those nights recently over at Queen Ave. to check out the art pods installation & there were lots of great ones, but this underwater pod was one of our favorites. 3d glasses & mystical lighting, we really enjoyed our night out.


NOV 2016

Just about every holiday my dad & husband end up tackling a project from SonicDad & this Thanksgiving they made crossbows. Our last day at home it finally stopped raining and I took a few clips & put them together with splice. Fun family times! (note: audio is low & it clips twice, still learning)